Terms & Conditions

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By hiring through Stonnington Hire you are automatically accepting the following terms and conditions.

This is a legally binding contract and applies to all customers.

These terms are subject to change at any point in time.

 1. Payments & Collection

  • When making a booking, payment secures your hire.

  • All payments are final and are strictly non-refundable unless Stonnington Hire needs to cancel a booking for unexpected reasons.

  • When a promotion is running, you must use that code on your booking to redeem the discount. Hires which are paid for in full are not eligible for partial refunds due to a missed promotion. 

  • Dresses will not be posted or picked up before complete payment has been processed.

  • If an outfit is not picked up, you will not receive a refund or store credit. It is your responsibility as the customer to pick up your outfit for your event and if you need to cancel, it must be cancelled prior to your hire. 

  • For all bookings made online the customer must contact us before coming to the collection pick up. The full address is not posted on the website, so please ensure you contact us first. Failure to contact us before coming to pick up will result in a warning and if it happens twice the customer may be blocked from hiring again.

2. Cancellations, Store Credits & Refunds

  • Stonnington Hire DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS on any bookings unless an item is faulty (all payments are final). If an item is faulty, the customer must notify us within 3 hours of receiving the garment and must return it immediately.

  • Store credits are issued instead of refunds.

  • 48-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY - you can cancel up to 48 hours before the start day of your booking. After this time, there are no refunds or store credits given and you forfeit your hire.

  • You must check with us prior to booking whether postage is available for your date. If you don’t check and we have to cancel your order for this reason, there is a $3 non-refundable fee to cover the cost of the Stripe transaction fees associated with canceling and refunding your order. 

  • Minor faults do not apply for refunds or store credit. Faults must be to the extent that the customer cannot wear the dress (applies to major staining, broken zips, and rips in dress; DOES NOT apply to faint, small marks including fake tan marks).

  • Store credits will only be given if official COVID-19 restrictions or lockdowns apply to your region. Store credits can be used within 12 months.

  • Store credits to do with faults will only be issued if an outfit is dropped back the same day as it was picked up, or posted back the same day it was delivered via post.

  • Issues with sizing DO NOT qualify for a refund. If you are unsure about sizing, please ask. If you have issues with sizing, you are eligible to switch outfits if you return the original one within 2 hours of pick up. Please note that if you switch to an outfit with a lower hire value, we will not refund the difference. Posted hires are not eligible for outfit swaps.

  • Refunds DO NOT apply in any case to posted hires after an outfit is posted.

  • Refunds DO NOT apply after the event dates, regardless of any faults.

3. Returning Garments

  • All garments must be returned by 3pm on the end day of your hire. If you cannot return by this time, you will need to arrange this PRIOR to hiring.
  • Posted hires must be posted back express before the 3pm cut off time the next business day.

  • When posting a dress back, you must send lodge the return at a post office. Do not drop the post bag in a yellow post box. Please send a photo of the lodgement receipt to @stonningtonhire on Instagram. If you fail to do so, you will be liable for late fees ($30 per day) if the garment is delayed, or liable to pay the RRP if the garment goes missing.

  • After the 3pm cut off time, a late fee of 1/3 of the hire price per day incurs for both pick up and posted hires.

  • If the dress is not received by the time the outfit needs to be posted to someone/picked up by the next hirer, the customer is liable to pay for the next weekend’s hire, plus any late fees already accumulated.

  • If you have selected pick up, you MUST notify us before picking up if you intend to post back. If you post back without notifying us that you’re unable to drop back, you will be charged late fees for however many days it takes for the garment to arrive in the post. 

  • Garments ARE NOT to be returned via Uber. If you return via Uber, you will be liable to pay the retail price if it gets delivered to the wrong house (or goes missing) or gets stolen. 

4. Garment Care & Damage

  • Treat the garment with care and be mindful when using fake tan, perfume, makeup and around food and drinks.

  • Stonnington Hire is a rental company. All dresses are hire garments, meaning they have been worn before. While we do our best to maintain the highest quality of the garment, there may be signs of wear which do not qualify for refunds.

  • Any damages, including payment for repairs or additional cleaning fees will be charged to the customer. Please note that you may also be liable for the cost of future bookings if Stonnington Hire needs to cancel another customer’s booking.

  • If the customer is required to pay the RRP of an item, this payment is separate to the payment of the hire. For example, if you pay $50 to hire, this price is NOT taken off the RRP payment. This is a separate fee.

  • Stonnington Hire has the final say on whether the condition of a dress is hireable. If we deem an outfit unfit for hire due to damage or stains caused by the wearer, the item is no longer of value to us as stock and the customer must pay the RRP value to replace the garment.

  • If there is damage to the garment BEFORE it is worn by the customer, the customer must take a photo of the damage and send it to Stonnington Hire before it is worn. If this is not done, the customer is liable to pay for the damage.

  • If the garment is stolen, or the customer refuses to pay required fees, legal action will be taken against the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, prosecution through a debt collecting agency.

  • Immediately notify us of ANY damage to the garment during the hire period.

  • The customer is not permitted in any circumstance to alter the garment.

5. Cleaning & Alterations

  • We carefully hand wash all our garments, dry cleaning is NOT included in the hire price. If the garment is returned with any form of staining that is not hand washable, the customer is required to pay a dry clean fee.

  • Basic cleaning does not include tan stains, alcohol stains, makeup, oil, dirt, mud, perfume etc.
  • In cases where dry cleaning is unsuccessful, the customer will also be required to pay the RRP of the garment.

  • The customer is not permitted in any case to clean the garment themselves. Garments are delicate and require certain cleaning to avoid damage.

  • Under no circumstances are any garments to be tumble dried. This results in shrinking and the customer will be charged the RRP of the dress to replace it.

  • Pins or alterations of any type are not permitted.
  • Only methods accepted are iron on hemming and Hollywood Tape.
  • Perfume should not be sprayed directly on the garment
  • Garment should never be touching the ground and should the garment have mud stains you will be charged for a replacement
  • Fake Tan is in some cases very difficult to remove, please be mindful of damage to the dress.

6. Postage

  • Stonnington Hire is not liable for any delays through Australia Post. All posted hires are at the customer’s risk and Stonnington Hire cannot be held accountable for any late or lost deliveries.

  • if in the case of late delivery, we can issue a store credit but NO REFUND. This is the fault of a third party, not Stonnington Hire. To be eligible for a store credit, the outfit must be posted back the same day that it was delivered via post. 
    If Australia Post is unable to deliver the parcel to your house, it is the customer’s responsibility to pick up the parcel from the Post Office in time for their event. Store credits and refunds will not be issued under any circumstance if you don’t collect from the Post Office in time as this is not deemed to be a late delivery.

  • You are NOT eligible for a store credit if the garment is posted back after the event date (the only exception to this being if the garment isn’t delivered until after the event date). 

  • All dresses which are posted back must be EXPRESS. If the customer posts a dress back with standard postage, they will be charged AT LEAST 2 days’ worth of late fees. If the garment isn’t received by Thursday, the customer will pay late fees PLUS the next weekend’s hire.

  • POSTAGE IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN AUSTRALIA. If you book an outfit and you’re overseas, you may not be eligible for a refund if we have lost hires because of your mistake

COLLABORATIONS (please ignore if you are a hire customer).

  • Collaborations entail 1 x tagged post on Instagram at bare minimum.

  • You must uphold your end of the collaboration to whatever has been agreed between you and Stonnington Hire.

  • Your posted material from the collaboration must be online and not deleted for 6 MONTHS. 

  • If you do not uphold your end of the deal, you may be liable to provide compensation for postage costs and hire revenue that has been lost as a result.

  • Full payment must be made (including postage costs) to secure a collaboration. 

  • Costs will be refunded once the outfit is received back and once content is posted as agreed. 

  • If you return late, late fees will be deducted from your refund payment. The same applies to any damage or other costs to the garment. You may be required to pay extra if fees owed are larger than the amount you have paid already. 

  • late fees apply as if this is a regular hire (please see terms above regarding late fees and returning garments).